I joined Caraldine as a coach in January 2021. I had seen her posts on Facebook and was so impressed with all the amazing recipes she posted, I love to bake too, but not so much as I usually ended up eating it all myself. So I was so impressed with seeing all my favorite cakes in a calorie controlled way I had to join up. I joined the virtual workshops and from the very first one I felt at home and confident that I was in the right place. Caraldine is a normal down to earth person with an inspirational story of her own, she is honest and hard working and understands the reality of trying to loose weight and still living life. That’s why her plans are easy to follow and always so much variety you won’t be board. There is never a dull moment at Weigh-less Wonders from talks, classes, recipes, life tips, wellness n so much more. I’m three and a half stone down and I know I will succeed in my journey with all the help and support I get from this wonderful group. For the first time in my life I am enjoying good food and getting to a healthy happy me. Thanks.